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Apr 27, 2016

To fulfil the Cargo IQ quality standards of the International Air Transport Association.

AirBridge Cargo successfully passed the audit procedure for IQ certificate which is the icon of AirBridge Cargo’s high-level service for its customers.

A largest Russian Airline and the part of the Volga Damper Group,  AirBridge Cargo Airlines has been issued the cargo IQ certificate after passing a successful audit procedure for  agreement with the International Air Transport Association’s Cargo IQ quality standards.

This Cargo IQ certificate will strengthen the quality level of the AirBridge Cargo (ABC) Airlines. This certificate will be valid for two years and states the outline for the uppermost international value requirements.  The AirBridge Cargo’s quality management programme, data analysis, cargo customer service and interaction with suppliers is reviewed by this audit procedure.

Why AirBridge Cargo passed this Cargo IQ Certificate process?

The successful achievement of the Cargo IQ certificate is the symbol of AirBridge cargo’s growth and it gives  message of AirBridge Cargo’s constancy to its customers. This Cargo IQ certificate shows that AirBridge Cargo is providing a high level of services according to the International Air Transport Association’s quality standards.

According to the executive president of AirBridgeCargo, Denis Ilin ABC airline all the major player in the supply chain industry will adopt this Cargo IQ certification process.  In last year AirBridge Cargo moved from Test to Implementation Status for Cargo IQ reporting. According to this Cargo IQ report AirBridge Cargo is among the top five industry players for this quality indicator and AirBridge Cargo earned a positive feedback from its customers.

AirBridge Cargo Airline’s superior services for its worthy customers

According to the executive director of Cargo IQ  Ariaen Zimmerman,  AirBridgeCargo Airline is very committed to its customers and determined for the development of the best customer services and quality enhancement. ABC is struggling to become the leading player in the industry about the quality standards and to make the performance process transparency and  availability of the services for the customers around the globe.

AirBridge Cargo Airline is the member of Cargo IQ

AirBridge Cargo Airline  has been an Associate Member of Cargo IQ  since 2007. In 2011, AirBridge Cargo joined hands with  TRAXON CDMP to compare planned and actual performance for its Freight Status Information texts and to identify areas for improvement.

It makes the airline enable to address the problems and to take stands for the improvement of the service. Cargo IQ certificate operates as a non-profit association group sustained by IATA and it composed of some eighty major airlines, freight forwarders, ground management agents, trucking businesses and IT solution suppliers worldwide.

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